Truly, it’s a problem many of us face; having a selection of wines that needs storing, preferably somewhere cool. And if it’s quality wine coolers you’re looking for, then as always, you can’t do much better then Siemens wine coolers.

Right out the gate, the UV-resistant glass doors that protect the wines from Ultra Violet rays is a massive boon. As is the innovative touchLight technology, wherein the interior light is brightened when the handle on the door is touched, and dims again after a couple of minutes to ensure low energy consumption. You can also set the desired temperature very easily, by way of electric temperature adjustment.

Speaking of temperature, you can select a standing temperature for the cooler between 6°C to 14°C, depending on your needs. One of the models Siemens offers also allows you to temporarily reduce the temperature by way of the superCooling functionality, rapidly cooling the items contained within if need be.

Of course, if you don’t need all the extra bells and whistles it is possible to store wine in a fridge.

Finally, each model comes with 4 shelves, allowing for a maximum capacity of 32 x 0,75L bottles. It should of course be noted here that, despite the name, Siemens wine coolers are not intended solely to hold wine bottles; food items, cans of drink, and a variety of other items can fit neatly inside them. We store bottles of spring water in ours, keeping them at optimal drinking temperature throughout the day.

We won’t judge you if you fill them up with wine stuffed from top to bottom, however!