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The world of today is all about social media. Are you on Twitter? Got a Facebook? How about Pinterest? Surely you have a Houzz account?! For Silke the answer is usually yes, and now we’re on Instagram too!

We have to admit, this is probably our favourite out of the social sites and we absolutely love following people as passionate about home design as we are.

On Instagram the conversion may be in short supply, but as everybody knows a picture is worth a thousand words. When you check out our profile you’ll see this anecdote to be high accurate, as we pride ourselves on uploading a good number of inspirational photos; all taken by ourselves, of course!

If you’re into kitchens in a big way, why not follow us and join the conversation? We would be delighted to have you on board.

So what do we post? We thought you’d never ask. How about exquisite shots of the latest ovens, hobs, and dishwashers? We’ve got that. Candid photos from industry events and trade shows, showing the latest trends in kitchen design? Believe it or not, we’ve got that too!

To top it all off, we regularly upload designs, plans, renders, and installation snaps, too. All of these helps to give a true feel for the Silke experience. How about video? We’ve got some of that. Of course.

Come and follow us, we’re a friendly bunch always up for a chat!