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Ever since we joined Twitter in May 2014, we have massively enjoyed following and experiencing the tweets of our customers, fellow designers, and industry professionals. We didn’t tweet much ourselves in the beginning, in fact, because the conversation was too captivating.

The addition of photos and video to the Twitter platform only increased our love. This year however, we’ve made a conscious effort to join in and I have to say it’s been a wonderful experience. Talking to customers, sharing design ideas, re-tweeting important industry news, and making liberal use of the love button!

One of our favourite experiences in 2016 was the live tweeting of Cosentino’s Elite Honour awards evening. We were one of 18 UK winners, being treated to food and conversation from some of the industry’s most interesting people. Folks like interior designer Vanessa Brady OBE, who we of course kept in contact with thanks to… You guessed it… Twitter.

For whatever reason, the platform has made a big name for itself in the realm of customer service. We are no exception, and a quick tweet our way is one of the best and quickest ways to get our attention. Whether to congratulate us on a job well done, to ask a question about finishes and colours, or to get help with appliances and gadgets. Whatever you need, we’re here to help!

Come tweet at us today, and live the Silke experience!