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Blackheath Products of Halesowen, West Midlands in the United Kingdom supplies high-end kitchen and bath products to the trade. Blackheath kitchens are typically made available to consumers via construction firms, custom builders and select retail locations.

Blackheath kitchens feature more than 300 different worktop configurations to select from, and built-in appliances are available from reputable brands like Hotpoint, Indesit and their own house brand, Blackheath.

The company also provides cupboards and shelving, flooring, lighting, kitchen furniture and everything else one needs for a complete turnkey kitchen, ready to use on day one. All products are designed to interoperate with one another and create seamlessly flowing kitchens that unite luxury with practicality.

Blackheath kitchens include stylish double sinks with built-in dish drainage, available in inset and under-mount styles. Sink accessories can be added to customise the look even further. Examples include beech cutting boards in circular shapes, Astracast stainless steel baskets, metal colanders, accessory combination kits and more.

Taps and faucets are offered in approximately 100 different styles by Astracast and Reginox, available in materials like brushed steel, polished steel, chrome and coated steel, which looks like ceramic but is more durable and long-lived than ceramic. These taps are tinted in a range of colours from pure white to sand, champagne and other neutral colours to black.

Exploring Blackheath worktops further, the company offers sold wood worktops in beech, black oak, walnut, iroko wood, regular oak, maple and more, allowing for use in kitchens with either modern or rustic aesthetics. Laminate worktops by Blackheath include a variety of faux bois and faux stone finishes that are often more durable and easier to maintain than both tasteful and versatile, so you are bound to find a style you like that fits your entire kitchen motif. You will not find any jarring, garish colours here; merely soothing tones of earth, rock and sand.

Blackheath kitchens include splash-back and upstand options galore, plus sturdy Rapide Plus Amalfi 1000mm base units. Most cabinet doors are by Rapide Plus or EXPRESS and run the gamut from sleek white modern pieces to more traditional wood fascia. Colours include stark black or white, cream and natural wood tones ranging from light to dark.

Although consumers typically purchase fitted kitchens by Blackheath, bespoke design services are also available to creatively customise the brand’s offerings to suit your distinctive kitchen configuration. Builders and designers who employ Blackheath products specialise in maximising the use of the existing space; for example, they can recommend locations in which floor to ceiling cabinets are a sensible choice, or help you locate non-load bearing walls to be removed without compromising the safety of your kitchen.

Blackheath kitchens are a great option for home or business owners who prefer environmentally responsible brands. Blackheath’s environmentally sound practices include using sustainable types of wood in its products, recycling scrap materials and fostering energy conservation in its production plants.

If you are looking for a complete kitchen suite in a timeless design that will look elegant for years to come, you cannot go wrong with Blackheath.