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Previously we brought you the enthralling news that we’re on Twitter and Instagram. You didn’t think we’d stop there, did you? Facebook now has the privileged of having Silke Kitchens on board!

Every social media outlet has various benefits unique to their platform. Twitter is exceptionally good for quick, simple communication; customer service for example is very effective using this method. Instagram’s benefits come in the form of showing off impressive images; we’ll readily admit its quite a vain platform, but it’s very fun we have to say.

Facebook, on the other hand, is particularly good for sharing longer form content. In other words, blogs… Much like this one. Discussion is a little bit more tricky, but that’s okay because Twitter has already proven itself king there.

Photos on Facebook are pretty good too; certainly higher resolution than most other sites, and various different aspect ratios are possible. No more squares like on Instagram!

Finally it’s worth mentioning videos. Facebook is quite possibly one of the very best platforms for video, second only to YouTube which we will cover later. For a quick, high quality video upload linked from our page there is no easier way. It also certainly helps that videos are given preferential treatment, which is great for getting views. No complaints there!